Monday, September 28, 2009

Fix for Intermittent Stuttering/Laggy Startup/MP3 Playback Popping

Several owners have reported intermittent stuttering in-game which results in a severe drop in FPS. Wireless connections suffer delays when auto-connecting @ startup as well as popping during MP3 playback have also been reported.

I believe I have identified the offending items (AlienwareFusion Service and the AlienFX Controller - both are components of Command Center). This 'fix' has not been tested on Windows 7 however I can report it has worked for me under Windows Vista.

1. Disable the AlienFX Controller @ startup (I use CCleaner's Startup items function since its a quick way to access Startup items).
2. Stop and set to Manual startup the Alienware Fusion Service.

Reminder, when making changes to Services always do so by typing 'Services.msc' into the Run command. Never make changes to Services using the Services tab within the Task Manager.

Downsides to this fix:
1. If you need to change your lighting just launch AlienFX Controller from the Start Menu ---> Programs--->Alienware --->Command Center. Once you have finished your lighting changes, right click on the AlienFX icon in the task tray and choose Exit.

2. When switching to battery power, you will need to manually kill your lighting if you want it off. It will not power off/Go Dark since these two items are not running. As with changing your lighting, you will need to follow the steps to 'Go Dark' as outlined above.

Hopefully these issues will be resolved in the next update to Command Center.