Friday, January 15, 2010

IDT 92HD73C1 Audio Driver v. Released

Today, Dell posted a handful of drivers for the M17x R2 refresh. Among these drivers we have an update for the IDT Audio Driver. The rest of the drivers released so far for the M17x r2 are the same version we have for the r1. I will be checking versions and testing compatibility as they are released :)

Listed as a Windows 7 only driver this driver is fine for use with Vista 64. I have installed the driver under Vista and audio functions normally. Change log indicates the following:

  • DF347406: (Gfx) Audio,mute func. becames malfuntion if output Ext.HDMI MTR
  • WHQL certified for IDT CODEC

  • I have updated the driver lists with this release. The direct download link is HERE.


    Loïc said...


    Charles said...

    but this shouldnt be used for the first gen M17x right ?

    m17x said...

    Yes. Even though the driver was released for the refresh i7 version of the M17x, the audio chipset is the same in both 'versions'. Its safe to use. I am running it with no issues. Before I post any drivers, I will verify compatibility. :)

    db said...

    Just a heads up that it also looks like the "updated" synaptics touchpad driver should work as well (although it is only a change from A02 to A03)
    Will test it tonight

    m17x said...

    Thanks for the note, but the Synaptics Touchpad driver is the same version, just repackaged for the M17x r2. I checked them all :)

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