Monday, March 29, 2010

NVIDIA releases 197.16 WHQL Driver - *UPDATED*

As part of their Verde Program, NV released 197.16 (WHQL) today.

This driver does not incorporate the fix for DPC Latency. Initially, ManuelG had indicated on March 2nd that future driver releases would include the fix for this issue. His original post has been removed from the NV forums and he has provided a new update:
The DPC latency fix did not make it into the 197.16 notebook driver build. It has been updated in every branch so if a notebook OEM posts a newer driver update, it will likely contain this fix. The newest driver based on this branch which would contain the fix is version 197.22.
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To resolve DPC latency on the M17x, use the update provided by Dell...

BIOS A03 and the 196.86 Beta display driver


Arsenal said...

What the heck!
We were waiting forever for a WHQL driver which was confirmed to fix DPC, and now it fixes nothing

What are they doing???? We don't want to stick with the Beta driver forever

M said...

Updated post to reflect new info from ManuelG.


Anonymous said...

how's the driver itself? is it worth to use?

Arsenal said...

Right, I see. So we may have to wait another one, two months for the next WHQL driver :(

Thatoe said...

got wake to black screen issue with these drivers. haven't tried any game yet though.

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