Friday, August 28, 2009

BIOS A02, OSD Updates!

Today Dell posted two updates for the M17x. Hopefully, this will resolve some of the issues we have all been seeing.

Alienware OSD Application
This update fixes/or enhances the following:

1. Provided compatibility with AMD VGA cards.
2. Improved functionality with Windows 7.
3. Improved functionality toggling to external displays.



Alienware M17X System BIOS vA02

BIOS change:
0. Based on BIOS A01.
1. Implemented Failsafe function.
2. Removed the driving setting of USB port2.
3. Modified AMD VGA card M98XT GDDR3 throttle.

EC change:
1. Modify CPU/GPU thermal table for better performance.
2. Match with OSD 2.19, to fix the AC/DC switch multiple times issue, where the OSD will lose function in AMD card, Windows 7 OS.[DF327387]
3. Modified for issue AMD throttle OFF event when AMD GPU temp below to 88 degrees.

Note: If not match with below config, the stealth mode button may malfunction.

QuickSilver BIOS and OSD compare table
BIOS version A01 and before = OSD version 2.18
BIOS version A02 and later = OSD version 2.19

What this means is that you MUST apply the OSD update listed above. Be sure to do this!