Tuesday, August 04, 2009

M17x and Dell 186.24 Driver

Just finished tweaking the INF for the Dell released 186.24 driver. The driver was released for the XPS M1730. The driver did have support for the 280M and 260M however it did not provide support for the 9400M G.

I have added the support back in and it should now work with the M17x and you shouldn't have to disable the 9400M G at time of install.

I've included a modded INF file for use with the 186.24 driver only as well as instructions on how to install. You can grab this from: HERE.

Thanks to Mandrake of NBR for testing out the changes.

UPDATE (8/22/09): Please note, tonight while playing TF2 I noticed something interesting. After exiting the game (only played for about an hour) I checked HWMonitor to see how temps were doing. Temps were fine except I noticed that GPU#1 was running a bit warmer than GPU#2 - about 7 degrees warmer. I opened up GPU-Z and noticed that GPU#1 was not downclocking at all. It was locked at default clock speeds where as GPU#2 was sitting @ 200/120. I kept an eye on it for about 15 minutes and the clocks did not change. I ended up hitting FN+F7 to switch off the discrete GPUs and then re-enabled them. Clocks returned to normal, both downclocked properly.

This tells me that PowerMizer is not functioning properly with driver 186.24. Keep this in mind if you are going to test this driver.

We really need a new driver release from Dell/NVIDIA. *SIGH*