Friday, October 09, 2009

Command Center v2.0.10 released (Win7/Vista)

Thanks to Scook9 over @ NBR for the heads-up on this one. Dell posted v2.0.10 of Command Center today. Fixes include:
- Fix: Power State options work ok when Fn+F11 is Enabled.
- Fix: For M15x new LED mapping for the Keyboard zone
- Fix: Command Center title is now visible after Intro animation.
You can grab it directly HERE.

This version of Command Center uses a different .xml structure for the AlienFX themes. Themes created with the previous version will not load.

Also, some users (including me - lol) have encountered issues with updating to this new version of Command Center. Here is the process which I used to properly install and resolve the issues:
1. Uninstall Command Center via the Programs & Features Control Panel.
2. Reboot
3. Run CCleaner's registry module and clean out all left over traces.
4. Reboot
5. Run the installer for the new command center. Now here is the important part (and dont ask me why this is, but it is and its how I was able to resolve the error), SHUTDOWN the system after the installer completes - instead of restarting, SHUTDOWN.
6. Power up and everything should be fine.
I have updated both the Vista and Win7 Driver lists. Enjoy.