Monday, October 26, 2009

Dell releases 186.64 NVIDIA display driver (Vista/W7)

Thanks to Douglaz over @ NBR for the heads-up on this release.

Today Dell posted the 186.64 WHQL display driver. This driver is a WHQL certified driver and can be used with Vista and Windows 7. This driver also includes the current version of PhysX. As always, when installing a new display driver, be sure to install with Hybrid Graphics and Integrated Graphics enabled in the BIOS. I have added this driver release to the Current Vista / Windows 7 driver pages.
Note: My recommendation for install is as follows:

1. If you have Hybrid Graphics / Integrated Graphics disabled in the BIOS, reboot and enable. If they are already enabled skip to next step.

2. Uninstall the NVIDIA Display Driver ONLY using the Programs & Features Control Panel. Reboot the system.

3. Once you are back at your desktop, reboot into Safe Mode using the F8 Key @ BIOS screen). (The reason why we boot into the desktop and then exit/reboot again is that the OS needs to install the Standard VGA Adapter driver for each GPU - just to keep the install clean).

4. Once in Safe Mode, run DriverSweeper and scan for NVIDIA DISPLAY files ONLY. Remove any found. Next, open CCleaner's Registry Scan Module. Fix any left over registry entries from the Display Driver uninstall. Once complete, reboot normally.

5. Once you are back at the desktop, run the 186.64 installer. Once install is complete, reboot.
Direct Download Link

I am currently testing all compatibility aspects (wake from sleep, AC to Battery Hybrid functionality, etc.) of this driver and will add my findings later. So far, no issues and the driver is very stable with the same low thermals.