Thursday, November 05, 2009

187.66 and the M17x

As some of you know, LV2Go posted up the Fujitsu-Siemens 187.66 driver a several days back. The stock INF does not support the GPUs in the M17x and the modded INF had issues with the M17x Hybrid SLI, BluRay playback, etc.

You can use this driver with the M17x however a few changes have to be made. I have chosen to use the 186.82 Windows Update driver with the 187.66 release but you can most likely use the 182.91 INF if you want to.

Here is the process if you want to try this driver:

  • Open up the 186.82 INF (nv_whql.inf)
  • Open up the 187.66 INF (nvfm.inf)
  • Look at the DriverVer entry in the 187.66 - this entry is at the very top of the file, a few lines down. Once you have found it, copy the entire line.
  • Now, find the same line in the 186.82 INF. Overwrite the line with the line you copied to your clipboard.
  • Once the change has been made, save the changes and place the file in the 187.66 directory.
  • Next, copy the file from the 186.82 directoy.
  • Finally, remove the original INF and .cat (nvfm.inf and from the 187.66 directory - you do not need them.

    That should do it. Do a clean install of 187.66 after performing an uninstall of your current driver.

    Be sure to install in Hybrid Mode (enable the 9400). You can disable it after install if that is how you run your system.

    An issue did come up during my testing:

  • Deal Breaker: The NVIDIA Control Panel will not retain settings for individual game profiles. I prefer to set all of my game profiles to 'Single Display Performance Mode' rather than the default of 'Multiple Display Performance Mode'. You can make the change and then click APPLY, however once the NV Control Panel is closed and re-opened the changes will revert. This should not be an issue for users of nHancer. Not sure since I do not use nHancer.

    Due to the NV Control Panel 3D Game Profiles issue, I am choosing not to add the driver to the Driver Lists. Back to 186.82 for me.