Monday, November 16, 2009

Clarification on Driver Lists

Just wanted to clarify so there is no confusion on this. All of the drivers with the exception of the Display Drivers are from Dell. For the most part, all of them are released specifically for the M17x. There are a few which are released by Dell for other models, however they are compatible with the hardware in the M17x. The Display Drivers will either be from NVIDIA, Dell, Windows Update or LV2Go.

The driver lists will always remain up to date. I check various sources daily and will list new drivers as they are released.

The driver lists for the M17x which Dell maintains on the support page do not always include drivers released for other laptops with the same hardware/devices. Meaning, if a driver is updated on say the Precision M6400 for the Bluetooth card, Dell may fail to categorize the driver for use with the M17x even though the driver supports the M17x since its the same Bluetooth card.

Hope this helps. Just want to make sure people are not under the impression I am modding every driver for use with the M17x. ;)