Tuesday, February 23, 2010

DPC Latency Revisited - Part 2

As all M17x R1 owners are aware, the recent workaround posted Friday on the Dell blog did not fully resolve the DPC Latency issue. I was fortunate enough to speak with Alienware's Director of Engineering, Patrick Desbois, on Sunday concerning this. As it turned out, Patrick had a visit to the Bay Area scheduled for Monday and he was kind enough to set some time aside to meet with me.

Patrick and I sat down with my M17x R1 and I was able to show him the exact process I have been using to reproduce the 65k+ spike under W7 which results in audio interruption. I am happy to report Dell is committed to making this right and resolving the issue for the customer. Patrick is very understanding and recognized immediately how frustrating this has been.

I look forward to the next update from Dell. John-B will certainly be the first to share details with the community - his current page on the DPC issue can be found HERE.


Arsenal said...

Well, it's great to hear this.

At least this will be the 3rd times to try to release a fix.

Hope it will sort everything out!

hazardic said...

wow - great news! i'm not suffering from dpc latency but these reactions from Dell are praiseworthy. and ur steps too=))

Tommaso said...

I red in the nvidia forum that the dpc latency is caused by the powermizer of the grafic cards. Disabling it will stop the problem, but will also make the gpus run to full power all time, wich is not a great solution.... Make it present to dell.
Here the link to the discussion in the forum:


As you can see the m17x is one of the device with this problem.

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