Saturday, February 06, 2010

Synaptics TouchPad updated to v.14.0.19

Yesterday, Dell posted an update to the Synaptics TouchPad driver. This updated driver was posted under the M11x drivers however since both the M11x and M17x (R1 & R2) share the same touchpad it is compatible.

The following updates were noted in the Release Notes:
Bug Fixes
-Fixed issue of Rotating gestures.
-Hide the show video buttons again.
-Send only left button click instead of left and right, if a finger is in the right button zone during the click, after it was used for pointing.
-Fixed App launch keys Movie/Music for OEM.
-Added support for ArcSoft PhotoSuite for OEM.
-Updated SYN1032 with appropriate configuration.
-if the windows under pointer is scrolling bar, fall back to "Sroll
selected item" logic to find right window to receive the scrolling
message, otherwise some applications scrolling won't work.
-Removed "two-finger" from one topic of help files for 32 languages.
-Added some initial code to deal with jumpy cursors.
-Adjust "Reset Devices" button position.
-Added multi finger gesture page.
-Added SYN2401 with appropriate configuration.
-Added API for ChiralMotion.
-When the system shuts down, reenabled the TP and turned off the LED there is TP enable/disable zone.
-Added support for unidirectional touchpad
-Added SYN0322/SYN0323 with appropriate configuration.
-Changed the default settings.
-Added SYN0727/SYN0726 with appropriate configuration.
-Added SYN0725 with appropriate configuration.
-Added SYN0D06 with appropriate configuration.
-Changed controlbar mute LED brightness
-Changed the default settings.
-Removed scrolling zone size adjustment.
-Updated scrolling code to support multifinger scrolling for Customer
Specified Scrolling code
-Changed shortkey of "Right Corner Pivot" option from "C" to "n".
-Notified the user mode apps device arrived or removed after all devices detection is done instead of sending notification after each device detection, this can avoid the detection is interrupted during resuming from S3 and S4.
-Changed shortkey from "p"(pointing) to "P"(Perform).
-Added QueryDeice in Driver Reset
-Fixed Translations for Palmcheck Starting zone text change for 32
-Changed shortkey of "Control speed with finger pressure" option from "c" to "n".
-Fixed a hot key stop working issue
-Added SYN1E1D/SYN1E1E with appropriate configuration.
-Set "Disable Gesture" default to checked.
-Moved some PnP IDs from one INC to another INC.
-Moved LED power level registries from software to system to fix wrong LED state when the system bootup.
-Added a new PnP ID.
-Aligned Enable&Disable buttons.
While I know many of you opt to use the default Windows driver for the touchpad, I have found the Dell Synaptics driver works fine (well, its acceptable) with a little tweaking. I use the following settings:

  • Remove the Tray Icon
  • Under 'One Finger Scrolling' - Uncheck Enable Vertical Scrolling and Enable Horizontal Scrolling (this kills the scroll zones which provides more area to use on the touchpad for pointing)
  • Under 'Pointing' - EdgeMotion - Select 'No Edge Motion'. Again, as with One Finger Scrolling, this will provide more usable area for pointing.
  • Adjust speed options and sensitivity to suit your needs

    I find by doing the above, the Synaptics driver works fine under Vista 64 (should be the same for W7). Its not going to be like your old touchpad on a previous laptop simply due to the texturing. Tweak the speed and sesitivity settings and you should be able to adapt it for your needs.

    You can grab the driver directly HERE.

    Driver pages have both been updated as this driver supports both Vista 64 and Windows 7. Again, this driver should also be compatible with the M17x R2.

    Thats all for now.
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