Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Resident Evil 5 Benchmark demystified... FPS Drop FIXED member Kade Storm approached me with an interesting issue. The Resident Evil 5 benchmark as some of you know has issues with Area 3 and Area 4. A very low FPS drop shows up in Area 3 and also slightly impacts Area 4.

Now, from research Kade conducted he was able to bypass/eliminate this FPS drop using Dox's 182.46 driver + nHancer.

While Dox's driver is great for pure benchmarking, its showing its age with game compatibility and also is non-HybridSLI friendly on the M17x.

So, after numerous testing and re-hashing of the SLI Profiles I was able to locate the answer. Now, this is going to be a big slap at CAPCOM.

The Fix:

  • Open your Documents folder

  • You will see a folder titled "CAPCOM" - open it

  • Inside this directory, you will see another directory, "RESIDENT EVIL 5 Benchmark Version" - open it

  • Open the 'config' file using Notepad

  • Find the line which says: SLI=OFF

  • Change it to read: SLI=ON

    Problem Fixed. Blame CAPCOM. LOL. This will also apply to the actual game I imagine. Give it a try.

    Making the above change and using driver 186.82 with my SLI PROFILE MOD, I was able to average 85 FPS.

  • Such a simple fix. CAPCOM should've caught this one. Hope this helps everyone. Kade seemed to think it worthy of a post as many are having issues with this. This should also apply to the XPS M1730 (or any other NV system with SLI), using whatever driver is found to be best for the system.

    Thanks Kade.  Appreciate all the help with this.  Enjoy the game!


    Kade said...

    Excellent solution, my friend; I am glad to have drawn your attention to this tedious and pending issue. Well done!

    In the past, I just couldn't get this damned game going in full-blast without having to use older drivers with Nhancer, which was nothing short of a half-baked workaround. Fortunately, thanks the time and effort you put into getting to the bottom of this rather simple problem, people can get back to mutilating zombies at their leisure of having their preferred VGA-driver of choice.


    M said...

    Thanks Kade. I never would have looked at this - you know how I feel about constant benchmarking. ;) I much rather just enjoy my system instead of doing countless bench runs chasing numbers.


    hazardic said...

    lol. wish i could know something about dirt 2 or bioshock 2 problem solving=))
    great find

    M said...

    Not sure if you tried it yet Hazard but Dirt 2 may show a slight FPS bump when using my latest update to the SLI Profile Updater. I recall a few others mentioning they saw a slight increase in FPS after applying.

    For the Bioshock 2 issue, what are you seeing? Low FPS as well?


    Charles said...

    hey batboy, why arent you on NBR anymore ? :(

    M said...

    No worries, I have not vanished into the night...


    hazardic said...

    nope, it's ok with Bioshock 2 fps (btw i've already came through last week) - just see that only one gpu working, left side warm - right side is cold. the benefits in sli for me is a less work for each gpu, less heat - as a result less noise. that's why i'm so frustrated about non-sli bioshock 2=((

    M said...

    BS2 SLI is on my list to look into. Thanks for the heads-up Hazard.


    hazardic said...

    okay i'm found some interesting. bad company 2 doesn't work at sli. only one gpu. and fps are about 22-28. at explosions are about 8. i thought wtf?? and i found that if i turn DxVersion in settings.ini in documents folder to 9 instead of auto (or 10) it gives me 1)working sli and 2) fps 30-60! pretty nice, eh? so i think the situation in dirt 2 is the same - by default "force directx9" is false in its settings.ini. i'm pretty sure that if i turn the flag true for dx9 i get working sli and both gpu enabled. of course, bioshock 2 works with dx10 by default. it's unnecessary due to its archaic but good looking console graphics - so i think dx9 is the worth for it
    here is my investigation - but it shows us that we have non-working in sli dx10 card but working in sli dx9.. i'm disappointed.. it also could mean that developers of BC2, dirt 2 and bioshock 2 make it uncompatible with dx10 sli - but it's very unlikely because of this
    oh and forgot to say - it seems this happens only in w7/vista - xp users enjoy sli dx10 on full power=)

    M said...

    That is interesting Hazard. Well, as with RE5, the game CFG/INI very well may have settings which need to be adjusted. Nice that you were able to fix it. Hopefully the devs will take care of it in patch form. Thanks for sharing!


    Beema said...

    Just installed RE5 and ran the variable benchmark. Was getting like an average of 80fps throughout parts 1-3. As soon as part 4 starts, it drops to FIVE fps. I have no idea what is going on. I tried this fix, and nothing changed.
    I have 2x GTX 275 SLI, and Phenom II X4 processor.
    Any ideas would be much appreciated.

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